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Rapper Lange Frans and Radio-DJ Giel Beelen talking about making radio

3FM - Real Music, Real People
client: 3FM Radio, commissioned by Redcell Not Just Film

Overall concept, art-direction and edit of a large series of award winning TV commercials for 3FM Radio. Including the pay-off 'Real Music, Real People' and motion graphics.

Starting point for these TV Commercials was to focus again on the essence of music, the passion for music. Back to the roots. Authentic and pure. 30 second documentaries of artists behind the scenes talking about what really moves them in music. Featuring international bands like The Streets, Faithless, Oasis and Foofighters as well as local artists from The Netherlands. Real Music, Real People.

In 2007 this series of TV commercials was rewarded with a 'Gouden Effie' (Gold), a prestigious award for the most effective creative communication.


Terence Teitsma | Independent Visual Communication | Concept | Art Direction | Design | Audiovisual |