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Radio 538 - Pulp TV
client: Radio 538, commissioned by BSUR

A series of TV commercials for Radio 538 from back in the years. In cooperation with BSUR.

A few years ago radio dj's were mostly invisible people. Until Radio 538 presented their new dj's as celebrities.

This TV commercial is part of a series, introducing Edwin Evers as THE new dj at Radio 538. His radioshows were always a bit messy and involved a lot of practical jokes. The commercials feature people who - all in their own peculiar way - announce Edwin Evers as the new big star at Radio 538. Just like his radioshows these commercials are a lot of nonsense, just having fun.

The style is extremely simple: one shot with a handhold camera. Like homevideo. Nowadays a frequently used style, but at the time of production a fresh and cheeky way to shoot a TV commercial.

Cheery Cheerleader

Terence Teitsma | Independent Visual Communication | Concept | Art Direction | Design | Audiovisual |