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Robèrt Populair Awards
Client: Red Cell Not Just Film


'And the winner is...' Short movie presenting the 36 categories at the Robèrt Populair Awards. Including VJ show at the afterparty.

For some reason there wasn't a 'Favorite Brands Awards' in The Netherlands yet, so Red Cell Not Just Film organized the Robèrt Populair Awards (Nationale Merkencompetitie). An alternative Award Show with a big tongue-in- cheek fun factor, which took place in the exclusive Supperclub in Amsterdam.

36 categories in total. From fashion, sport brands and food to banks, supermarkets and cars. I took care of the whole audiovisual part of the show, such as the announcement-movies for all the nominees:Old school found footage turned into somethng with a new meaning in the context of this award show

Terence Teitsma | Independent Visual Communication | Concept | Art Direction | Design | Audiovisual |