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Fusion - Redesign
client: Imperial Tobacco, commissioned by BSUR

Redesign of Fusion, an international premium cigarettebrand which is sold in Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia. In cooperation with BSUR.

The old Fusion pack with its round corners and curved opening looked interesting at first. However, these features were its weaknesses at the same time: it was perceived as too feminine, people thought it looked a bit like soap and the curved opening accidently looked a bit like the 'swoosh' of a big sportsbrand.

The redesign has a better balance between the white and the other elements. The big vertical logo gives it a contemporary feel.The choice for a regular shaped pack gives it a solid no-nonsense look.The 'swoosh' has become a wave which can be used as more than just a logo, it has become part of the pack design and can be applied to other surfaces in the same way as well.

A real 'Modern Classic'.

Fusion - Redesign

Fusion - Old Pack

Fusion Manual - Cover

Fusion Manual - Several Spreads

Fusion - Brand Manual
client: Imperial Tobacco, commissioned by bsur

Brand Manual & Inspirational Guide for Fusion, an international premium cigarette brand which is sold in Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia. In cooperation with BSUR.

Fusion is a ‘Modern Classic', a contemporary brand from a company with heritage.

In cooperation with BSUR an extensive manual was developed, offering a large range of communication ideas, above-the-line as well as below-the-line. The manual offers both guidelines and inspirational content. A tool to support the process of building the Fusion brand and developing consistent communications in the different countries around the world.

The design of the brandbook refers to a lifestyle magazine, as it is a real lifestyle brand.

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