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Havana - campaign
Client: Imperial Tobacco, commissioned by BSUR

Concept, art-direction and design of the launch campaign for Havana, a cigarette brand which was introduced in Greece in 1999. In cooperation with BSUR.

Contrary to most slick advertisement photography at that time, we choice a realistic style for the Havana campaign, snapshot style. The whole look and feel is spontanious, raw and pure like Havana itself. The typography refers to paintings on walls in decay. The campaign is an ode to the spirit of Havana. A blend of cultures and ages celebrating life.

The brand was launched in Greece with huge billboards all around the big cities.

Viva Havana.

billboards in Greece

a selection of campaign images

Viva Havana - Inspirational Book
Client: Imperial Tobacco, commissioned by bsur

Concept, art-direction and design of a full-color photobook about Havana. A visual celebration of the Cuban spirit. In cooperation with BSUR. Photography by Martien Mulders and Nigel.

To capture the true soul of Havana two photographers were sent to Havana to make an honest and pure report. Every corner of Havana was photographed and the result is a beautiful overview of daily life in Havana. A life which is not about glamour and glitter, but about a positive attitude towards the future, living by the day, making music, dancing, people of different cultures and different ages, all together. Celebrating life. An inspiration for all of us.

Viva Havana.

Havana, book cover

Havana book, spreads

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