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a selection of the Skoeps text campaign

full page campaign in the daily newspaper

a selection of the Skoeps people campaign

client: Skoeps, an initiative of PCM Media and Talpa
In cooperation with Veel Meubel Stukken

Concept, art-direction, design of a crossmedia campaign for this awardwinning newssite. Inclusive pay-off '16 miljoen reporters'. Print, internet, radio and concepts for television and events.

Skoeps is a user-generated video newssite, an innitiative of PCM Media and Talpa Digital. Instead of professional reporters all news items are made by regular people. Most items are videos, shot and send by mobile phone, so news items can be published on the site within a few minutes. Everybody can be a reporter: 16 million reporters.

Main design feature is the red-white stripes, which refers to alert. The red and white stripes are highly recognizable and can be used on every level of communication.

examples of outdoor use

merchandise examples

clothing examples

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