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Symbol Soup - spread from the book Digital Characters

Symbol Soup - Digital Characters
client: Somanydynamos

Design of Digital Characters, 1 of the 9 parts that all together represent Symbol Soup. In cooperation with TBH-Q.

Symbol Soup is the ultimate showcase of the interest fields of the Visual Generation, those born and raised in a mediatized enviroment. The book as a whole is a reflection of youthculture at the end of the 20th century. But above all, Symbol Soup is an expression of the visual culture in itself. Symbol Soup has been published worldwide and has been sold out long ago.

Authors: André Platteel and Carl C. Rohde.

Contributions by: Terence Teitsma, Laboratorivm, Caulfield & Tensing, 75B, Dept (Machine), TBH-Q, Goodwill and others .


Symbol Soup - cover and back

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