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client: Somanydynamos

Participation in the book Margeting, a showcase of fictitious campaigns for existing brands, created by top-flight young photographers and artists, showing what tomorrow's marketing will look like.

Margeting is an international publication by Dutch cultural analyst André Platteel.

In this book Platteel calls for a new form of marketing that will give consumers an opportunity to shape their own desires. Margeting offers escape routes from the dictates of present-day marketing. Rather than imposing a reality on consumers, Margeting invites them to keep on introducing new realities of their own into brands.

For Margeting I created two campaigns concepts: one for Marlboro and one for Durex.

Campaign for Marlboro

An up-to-date version of Marlboro Country. Nowadays landscapes aren't as unspoiled as Marlboro wanted us to believe. Still these sceneries have their charm.

The same counts for smoking. By now we know smoking isn't as harmless as we thought - or hoped - it was, but still it is quite tempting to light a cigarette, because smoking still has an aura of freedom and independency.

Campaign for Durex

A series of dual portraits about vulnerability and multiplication, themes closely associated with the brand.

Photography by Daan van den Assem.

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