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F-Star Seeking

What started as a sketch on a napkin, turned into an independent creative playground for myself and like-minded. People often write ‘F«CKING’ and one night we jokingly pronounced this as ‘F-Star Seeking’. That moment our incrowd streetwear movement was born.

F-Star Seeking was a tongue-in-cheek way of playing around with the codes of fashion. We used various stages to present ourselves: apparel such as vintage jackets and t-shirts, design, street art, photography, video, internet and collaborations in parties and events. The limited amount of selected vintage jackets available created a vibe of exclusivity and a members-only feel. F-Star Seeking developed itself throughout the people involved and those who supported it. Number one priority always was to keep it a fun-business to do. And fun it was, a lot.

Original F-Star Seeking crew members:
Terence Teitsma, Theo Imhoff,
Dominic Aguilera and Miranda Vermeer

Terence Teitsma | Independent Visual Communication | Concept | Art Direction | Design | Audiovisual |