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Stardust to Stardust

Stardust to Stardust is an ongoing personal project of me leaving traces in life. The artwork consists of mindful messages expressed through different media. It’s about sharing and giving, about celebrating life.

It begun with small handcrafted metal tokens which display short messages on both sides, like yin & yang; two sides of the same coin. Every now and then I leave a token behind somewhere, for someone to be found as some sort of lucky coin. These good fortune messages are my little gift to the world. And as giving is receiving: a gift to myself.

Other ways to carry out these uplifting messages are silk screen prints, classic type writer messages and also money is used as a carrier, as a contrast to what life is truly about. We are all Stardust. Twinkle twinkle little Star.

Terence Teitsma | Independent Visual Communication | Concept | Art Direction | Design | Audiovisual |